Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric

9 Sep 2019

Asymmetric like nature, like the human body, like a house. For an advanced approach to livable spaces, use enjoyment of the sea on board of a motor yacht that goes a step further than others. With the aim of obtaining greater usability of the interior spaces, and better access to the exterior, the SL102Asymmetric rethinks the well-established layout of a yacht, allowing through this asymmetric configuration never tried before, to recover about 10 square meters of area to benefit the interior.

The first asymmetric yacht in the world

Thanks to the desire to think differently, to dare to step outside of a traditional custom, SL102Asymmetric is the result of Sanlorenzo’s aptitude for working on the concept of space, molding it at will every time, to give live to ideas tailored on the owner’s wishes.

Let's look at specifications:

(Main info)
Model: SL102
Length Overall: 31,10 m
Maximum Beam: 7,10 m
Maximum Speed: 28 knots
Draught at Full Load: 1,9 m

SL102 is equiped with to MTU 2434 horse power engines

Fuel oil tank capacity is 12.100 litres

The SL102 model has lower and upper deck, while upper deck can be modified to fit the user. You can select between two models: 701 and 710 model.

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