Kando Series Ava Yacht

15 Aug 2019

The second hull in the so-called Kando Series from Turkish builder AvA Yachts is underway. Normally succeeding hulls after the first hull of a new series do not get alot of press coverage after the newness and hype has died down. In this case it is the owner of the second hull that has pressed this series back into the spotlight. The owner is Tony Parker and if you follow NBA basketball the name will be more than familiar. While similar to the first hull the second will differ a bit thanks to customization being made.

Firstly the interior will be different as you would expect to match the new owner and wife's tastes described and light and contemporary. The interior will match an interior volume of 340 GT with a 25.75-foot beam. The second hull is also a tad larger at 115-feet vs 110.8-foot LOA of the first hull. The guest capacity onboard has also risen to lodge up to twelve in six cabins vs the ten on the first build.

The yacht will feature a small beach club with direct access to the swim platform and by extension the sea. "To have a world-famous celebrity like Mr Parker demonstrate his confidence at such an early stage of the development of the Kando series has made us immensely proud and we will deliver a yacht that will surpass all his expectations." commented Atilla Kucukdiker, Chairman and Founder of Ava Yachts.

A pair of 650 horse power Volvo Pentas will allow the steel hull and aluminium superstructure vessel to cruise at a leisurely 10-knots for an astounding 6,400 nautical miles. When needed she will be able to meet a 14-knot top speed. The owner still has a while to wait for his new yacht because it is anticipated to be delivered in 2020.

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