This 64-foot hydrogen-powered catamaran uses renewable energy to provide an unlimited range of travel.

17 Dec 2021

In the marine sector, hydrogen propulsion still has a long way to go, but don't tell Fraser Yachts that. The yachting firm, which specializes in everything from chartering to new construction, has now introduced a new catamaran powered by the environmentally friendly fuel alternative.

Aquon One is a character in the game Aquon One. The futuristic new multihull, planned to be delivered in 2023, is meant to be an ecologically friendly boat that blends modern amenities with novel green technology for quiet and emission-free cruising.

The "pocket superyacht," designed by Christian Grande, will include just under 700 square feet of solar panels on the flybridge roof. This will allow the cat to harvest its own renewable energy, which will then be utilized to generate hydrogen via fuel cells, which will power the two electric motors and onboard amenities. Short-term storage is possible with small lithium-ion batteries, whereas long-term storage is possible with carbon tanks.

The 64-footer, which has a peak speed of 16 knots, will be able to travel off-grid for many days, according to Fraser. She'll also have an almost limitless range, offering people on board unrivaled freedom at sea.

The eco-friendly approach extends to the inside as well. The premium living quarters, which span over 1,000 square feet, use a variety of sustainable materials such as light bamboo and repurposed leather. It's also a smart boat, which means you can control all of the LED lights from your phone.

As for the arrangement, the main deck is home to a big living space and dining room, while the lower deck is dedicated to the guest rooms. You may choose between two, three, or four bedrooms, each with various sized beds and ensuites, to accommodate up to eight seafarers.

The aft patio, meanwhile, has a dining table, a sun lounge, and direct access to the water. The foredeck, on the other hand, has another large salon for entertainment. The flybridge features a dining space for 12 people, as well as a bar and grill.

Latitude Yachts will construct Aquon One. The full-service shipyard, which is responsible for some of the world's largest luxury trimarans, will finish the cat in two years, according to Fraser. The hydrogen-powered vessel costs €6 million (about $7 million at today's currency rate).

More images of Aquon One may be seen below:

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