Why Charter a Yacht

2 Mar 2020

Little about history of chartering.

Have you ever dreamed your vacations on a luxury yacht or maybe just a sailboat? I know I did, but when I stopped by on a internet page with boat prices I completely changed my mind. Those were the days when chartering hasn't been so popular or heard word. What if you could just rent a boat or a yacht and pay only a fraction of money yacht owners want for their vessel? That would be great and It's something it's available in 2020.

What can chartering a boat offers you

The ability to set your own pace makes your yachting vacation unique. No waiting in lines, no eating on a schedule and you don't have to share your space with strangers. It will be your yacht, your time and your space to do with as you please. It is affordable with many other options for wide range of budgets. Imagine taking in magnificent new views every day rather than looking the same vista every day from a hotel room. For any occasion, romantic honeymoon cruises or scuba diving from your own yacht you'll find a crewed charter vacation to be a great alternative.

How hard it is to charter a boat?

Your professional crew will take care of everything. Your personal chef will plan each meal based on your requests (of course if you hire a chef). Your captain knows to find the most beautiful beaches and the best anchorages. Whatever your number of guests, cabin size or crew needs are, the broker will know which options from the entire fleet will offer the best experience for your vacations.

New morning, new views

Chartering a boat offers you views like you've never seen before. Instead of taking your luggage with you in a hostel or a hotel you can experience mind-blowing views directly from your cabin window. And if you get up and go out on a deck you can drink your morning coffee experiencing the view. Just don't forget telling your captain what you desire.

Enjoy the freedom of yacht charter

Sail from private beach to well known ports, your boat will take you there. Unpack your bags only once and then enjoy the service like in high starred hotels. The personal freedom that exists on board cannot be matched with the ability to visit worlds most stunning locations. Whether you want to visit secluded beaches or a glittering city with the best shopping and restaurants a private charter makes this dreams a reality.

Your budget

Charters suit best to your needs and start from as low as 200 € euro per day or 1400 € per week. Let it be small vacation or large gathering of friends you can be sure that broker will find the best choice for you and your guests.

Yacht activities

The are countless activities you can do onboard of the yacht. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, windsurfing and jet skiing are just a few options. The crew onboard is well educated for the equipment onboard and can offer you instructions if needed.

Where do I start?

There are tons of website offering charters online but you can visit this one I prefer: http://www.socayachtcharters.com

You can visit charter search here on our website where are listed charters by country. Charters

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