We Now Offer 360 Photos

17 Nov 2022

360 degrees photos have become very popular in boating world. For that reason, we at Marinebroker.net decided to provide this awesome feature for our advertisers.

What Are 360 Photos

A 360-degree picture is a panoramic image that can be rotated around the originating location of the photograph.

360-degree images mimic being a photographer and gazing in every direction, including to the left, right, up, and down, as well as occasionally zooming. To move the picture in the desired direction, the user just clicks anywhere on the image.

Through the use of software and a number of panoramic photographs, it is possible to spin around and view the surroundings. The images are arranged in a continuous circle around the location of the photograph. Often, a digital camera comes with software that aids in aligning the images. Once there are enough photos taken to completely encircle the photographer, the photos are either submitted to a program to generate a 360-degree image or they are made using a smartphone app.

How To Shoot 360 Photos Of Your Boat

To create a whole sphere using a full-frame camera in portrait mode and a 15mm fisheye lens, you'll need 6 images all around, 1 up (referred to as the zenith), and at least 1 down (referred to as the nadir). For the identical shooting scenario with a crop sensor camera, a 10mm fisheye would be appropriate.

Use an 8mm fisheye on a crop sensor or a 12mm fisheye on full-frame if you don't mind having a little bit less quality, then take 4 pictures while moving the camera 5 degrees up. With this technique, you may simply patch the tripod region in Photoshop without needing a zenith photo. For this method, the Nodal Ninja R1 panohead works fantastically.

Or you can use out of the box 360 cameras, a good example is Ricoh Theta.

How To Upload 360 Photos To Marinebroker.net?

Uploading your 360 photo on your ad is easy. Just Log in to your console in marinebroker.net where you are posting your ad. Fill out the main specifications for your boat and in the next screen open the "360 Photos" link as shown below. You can upload up to 5 360 degrees photos of your boat.

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