When Will Electric Boats Be Available?

20 Oct 2022

The revival of boat shows has demonstrated that there has never been such a diverse selection of electric boats available, but the question remains whether or not consumers, marinas, and manufacturers are prepared to accept an electric future.

The fall boat shows made it abundantly evident that the electrification of motorboats is not some futuristic technology that will become available in ten years; rather, it is something that is occurring right now. Electric boats range in length from 25 feet 3 inches (7.7 meters) foiling sport boats to 59 feet 1 inch (18 meters) catamarans, and they are not going away anytime soon.

It is striking that some of the mainstream giants of the industry are now picking up the mantle and leading the way in the development of electric alternatives. Lower-volume shipyards such as Rand, X Shore, and Frauscher were the pioneers in this field and proved that an electric alternative is feasible. For instance, the Beneteau Group announced at the Cannes boat show that the Delphia range, which it acquired in 2018, will be fully electric by 2024, with the first all-electric models hitting the water in 2022. This news was presented in conjunction with the Cannes boat show.

Even though Greenline Yachts is the most well-known manufacturer of all-electric boats in the industry, it is revealed that just 10% of the company's production consisted of electric boats in the year 2020.

"Building heavy mid-size cabin cruisers puts us in a difficult position," explains Luca Raumland, Head of Sales and Marketing at Greenline's parent company, SVP Yachts. "This is because the expectation of the customer is so much higher than what is possible at the moment," he continues. It is not easy to find purchasers who are prepared to part with the amount of money required to purchase a cabin cruiser that is 30–40 feet long but can only travel at 10 knots.

"Of course, we could construct a Greenline 40 that is capable of 22 knots for 100 nautical miles; however, doing so would require two 200kW electric motors and a mountain of batteries; as a result, the cost would be equivalent to that of a diesel-powered boat of 60 feet or more; it's a difficult sell."

New Electric Boat Launched By Rand Boats

The Danish shipyard Rand Boats has introduced a new electric runabout boat dubbed the Spirit 25, which is also offered in a gas-powered variant. The 25-foot "lifestyle racer" is an open layout day cruiser that is now available in all global markets, including the United States. It has a center three-seat sofa and a flip-over backrest that converts into a dining area for 6 people. The maximum number of passengers it can accommodate is 9. The Spirit 25 was developed with sustainable materials and a hyper-efficient hull design using lightweight construction, which helped her reach top speeds of over 40 knots (with the max power package) and is rated for between 105 and 180 kW electric motors. The design of the boat was based on the idea that it should be both stable and comfortable (or for up to 300 HP for the gas-powered models, available both inboard and outboard). There is not a significant difference in terms of performance between the electric and gas-powered choices. The sporty steering console of the Spirit 25 was designed with the automotive industry as a source of inspiration. It has been likened to the steering wheels of classic Italian sports cars and gives the impression of being the ultimate sophisticated performance day boat. The new Spirit 25 is a testament to European style, Danish functionality, and raw sport boat performance. It has features that make it look like a "stylish café sports boat," and it also has modern features. She is an agile vessel that can be handled with ease and has a sleek appearance. The boat boasts a big triple-bed aft sun lounge with an expanding backrest, and thanks to her one-of-a-kind functional arrangement, the Spirit 25 provides an easily adaptable seating space that can be done so in a matter of minutes to accommodate the requirements of the day.

Electric Boat: Future or Reality

Are there any electric boats that come close to being realistic yet? Do electric boats represent the way of the future?

Considering all of the recent advancements in battery and motor technology, the short answer is YES. This is especially true for boats of a smaller size, as well as being more cost-effective (Check out why).

The reality is that electric boats are facing a significantly greater number of obstacles than electric cars. When it comes to automobiles, it's simple math: more weight equals more momentum; when it comes to boats, though, it's sheer resistance. That means the same amount of energy that can propel a car at 60 miles per hour may probably only propel a boat at 30 miles per hour.

On the other hand, just as trolling motors have already turned into a norm in the fishing world to provide a tranquil experience when trolling, higher-power electric motors for larger boats are also possible today.

The most important thing is to check that the available electric boat models can meet all of your specifications while staying within your price range. Check out what the latest electric boat technology has to offer so you can evaluate your options and come to your conclusion. This is the most effective way to respond to the question.

1. Power

It is reasonable to assume that a solution for practically all of your boating applications may be found today in the form of an electric boat, particularly for the needs of recreational boating.

It could come as a surprise to learn that the power range for an electric boat motor can go up to 460 kW, which is equivalent to 600 horsepower. That is a remarkable amount of power for electric boats, and it enables you to attain a top speed of 50 knots on a boat that is 30 feet long while also allowing you to cruise for a very long distance.

Although the huge 600 HP electric boat engine is tempting, not everyone will be able to get one due to the high cost, limited availability, and high demand in the market.

Electric boats with high power typically have a range of around 100 kW, and it is easier to find and purchase these types of boats. For instance, the propulsion H-100 electric inboard motor supplies 140 HP equivalent power and is designed for use on larger sailing boats and motor vessels with a full displacement of up to 200 tonnes. These boats can range in length from 60 to 100 feet (18-30 meters).

2. Range

Many boaters have expressed significant worry about the limited range of electric boats. Nobody likes to be in the middle of the sea and find themselves without juice. The fact of the matter is that the range of electric boats can change depending on the application, as well as several other parameters, such as the capacity of the battery, the kind of hull, and the speed at which the boat is sailing.

The latest advancements in battery and motor technology have made it possible to significantly increase the range of electric boats.

3. Charging

The majority of marinas provide shore electricity, which can be utilized to charge an electric boat using a conventional 16-amp outlet, making charging an electric boat a simple process. Some lightweight electric motors, such as the 3 HP Spirit 1.0 Evo, come equipped with an integrated lightweight battery that enables the user to remove the battery with relative ease and bring it home to charge it more rapidly.

In general, you should be able to charge your electric boat overnight, and many electric motor batteries offer fast charging and can be fully charged in just a few hours at the most.

4. Weight

When compared to the weight of the boat's original engine and fuel tank, the difference in weight that would result from repowering a 30-foot sailing boat with electric propulsion is quite minimal. It usually indicates that you will be able to position the weight in a more central position within the vessel.

The fact that the cumbersome and inefficient lead-acid battery is no longer the only or the recommended option for constructing an electric boat is another piece of positive information.

You now have better alternatives to make the whole electric boat solution work for you, thanks to advancements in battery technology.

Types of Electric Boats Available on the Market

The experts expect that the market for electric boats would increase by 11 percent between the years 2018 and 2028. Even though electric-powered boats have been in existence for a considerable amount of time, an increasing number of consumers are interested in either purchasing one of these types of watercraft or converting gasoline- or diesel-powered boats that they already own into electric-powered ones.

As the demand for electric boats continues to grow, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the requirement to expand their product lines to provide customers with a greater variety of choices. Herley Boats is a highly regarded and knowledgeable boat-building company that is the driving force behind the electric boat industry. If you are interested in purchasing an electric boat for commercial or personal reasons, you should begin by looking at the vessels that are currently available from Herley Boats.

1. Recreational Electric Boats

  • The design and construction of this boat were developed as a result of the commander spending a significant amount of time at sea. This ship was constructed by Herley Boats from the keel up utilizing a hybrid design that included both cutting-edge hull shapes and more conventional displacement techniques.
  • Captain– With this electric-powered aluminum trailer boat, you and your loved ones can have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend on the water while enjoying all of the conveniences of your own house. In addition to having a great deal of speed, this vessel provides comfortable sleeping quarters, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a shower.

2. Commercial Electric Boats

  • This electric boat is called the Pocket Mega Yacht, and in addition to having a futuristic look, it also features a hydrodynamic design that ensures a comfortable ride. If you have always dreamed of owning a yacht but the price has always been too high for your budget, you might want to think about purchasing a miniature version that features fantastic spaces for living quarters and entertaining.
  • If you want to talk about how spectacular an electric boat can be, go no further than the Explorer; it will meet and exceed all of your expectations. This sailboat was created by Herley Boats and features an offshore expedition hull along with unimaginable design and luxury finishing. In addition, there is a dedicated space for entertainment, a separate laundry facility, a kitchen, and comfortable sleeping quarters for as many as eight people.

3. Gas or Diesel Conversions to Electric

If you already own a boat that runs on gas or diesel, you have the option of converting it into either a hybrid or an all-electric vessel. These conversions are possible thanks to advancements in technology. The correct company will begin the process of conversion by designing a new computer system. Once everything is finished, a skilled group of engineers gets to work disassembling the various power systems and engines.

Wrapping Up

These electric boats are just a few examples of the various possibilities available. A trustworthy business can either offer you a boat that works solely on electricity or adapt an existing boat so that it can run on gasoline or diesel fuel, depending on the requirements you provide. You will end up with a boat that makes spending time on the water less dangerous, more enjoyable, more comfortable, and less damaging to the environment.

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