Are Marinas Ready For Electric Boats?

5 Oct 2022

Is the pleasure boat being converted to electric propulsion? The answer to this question is clear to a lot of people. This modification might have a significant bearing on marinas. We questioned their managers to understand how they felt about this progression. They are still hesitant to act because there has not been cleared to be a significant trend. "We consider what is being said as well as what is written. We are aware of the products that will soon be available for purchase. On the other hand, you do not have a single customer on the waiting list who possesses a boat equipped with a primary electric motor, nor do you have any information. It operates in the capacity of an auxiliary engine, "explode, es Jean-Charles Bégouin, harbor master in Piriac-Sur-Mer.

We're under observation. The transformation is currently under process in the automobile industry. My experience aboard the boat gives me the feeling that the manufacturers have not yet adapted to technological change. There is now a significant amount of trial and error because no established option for mass production exists. Brieuc Morin, director of Seller, the company that manages the port in Lorient, says that despite this, it would be foolish not to observe what is taking place.

Let's Consider Electric Boat Arrival Situation

No one doubts that in the not-too-distant future, there will be a great deal more pleasure boats equipped with electric motors, in addition to the fact that this reality will call for considerable alterations to be made in the way that functioning marinas are structured. The results of a poll that asked managers of marinas about this topic revealed that, at present, they do not see a very strong trend in the manufacturing of electric motors. These engines have only been installed aboard boats in additional capacities. And because of this, the marines' command is uncertain about what to do.

The captain of the port in Piriac-Sur-Mer, Jean-Charles Beguin, notes, "We are monitoring this situation; we see the products entering the market," but he does not hide his irritation. "However, today, you do not have a client with a main electric motor, and so far, it is not even observed on the horizon," he says. "Of course, we are being observed," says Brieu Morin, director of Seller, which oversees the port in Lorient harbor. In the field of mechanical engineering, the revolution is not yet complete. This phenomenon has not been seen so far in manufacturing boats in huge quantities. We are still in the trial and error stage.

Nevertheless, it would be foolish to ignore what is happening and not pay attention to what is occurring.

Electric Boat Range

The range of an electric boat depends on several parameters, the most important of which are the size of the battery, the construction of the hull, and the speed at which the boat is traveling. The most cutting-edge types of electric boats, such as those developed by RAND, can achieve a cruising speed of more than 200 nautical miles and a planning speed of 30–50 nautical miles. There is a limit to everything, but this range is greater than most boaters can travel in a single day. If you charge your boat before goingt tonight, you shouldn't have any problems with its range when you go out for the day.

Electric boats are likely to improve in range, and efficiency as new battery technology and hull construction techniques are developed. As a result, electric boats will become an increasingly appealing choice for boat owners looking for an environmentally friendly, fume-free, and silent way to enjoy time on the water.

The list of port needs is rather vague at the moment.

As part of the Mobility Act, which the National Assembly approved in France in June 2019, marinas with more than one hundred berths would be required to set aside one percent of those berths specifically for electric boats.

However, even though it is necessary to consider recent developments, it will be nearly impossible to reconstruct the framework and organization of the marinas in the smallest amount of time possible. According to Florian Cosmo, Director of AR Marina, a supplier of electrical solutions for docks and charging stations, "There is relatively little demand for boat charging stations at present." Our customers could not care less about this matter. We are continuously calling sales representatives. However, this topic is never brought up during these conversations. They are currently showing a greater interest in river bases and boat rental services.

The director of the Port of Concarneau, Arnaud Ricard, thinks that the current observations on this matter are only getting started. "We always monitor the changes in the needs of our clients about all different kinds of equipment and do our best to serve them to the greatest extent possible. There are currently no plans in place to make any changes.

Leverage for recruiting in the yachting industry

Most people who participate in yachting are not in their early 20s, which means that the electric boat has the potential to become a driving force in the marine industry.

"We are thinking about getting an electric utility boat shortly. According to Jean-Charles Beguin, "the port can become its supporter by using the electric motor and therefore become one of its users."

Last but not least, the Chief Executive Officer of Seller said: "We are all quite concerned about attracting new clients. In this regard, electric boats present the potential for us to face a significant challenge. On the one hand, there are requirements imposed by regulations, and on the other, there is little pressure from users yet.

We need a proactive approach to expand existing port cleanliness frameworks and provide a measurable green transition. For instance, we could organize our electricity production, solar or wave energy, by reusing non-potable water in a closed loop. This would be an example of a green transition that could be measured. We must identify the factors that will facilitate our advancement.

The Future of Electric Boating

In the past ten years, there has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of electric vehicles. Electric boats are the next big thing to stay and are already disrupting the boating industry. This trend is not exclusive to the boating industry. Electric engines are the most effective solution to the growing problem of climate change and emissions. As a result, they have had a significant influence on the world of boating. In the past ten years, there has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of electric vehicles. Electric boats are the next big thing to stay and are already disrupting the boating industry. This trend is not exclusive to the boating industry. Electric engines are the most effective solution to the growing problem of climate change and emissions. As a result, they have had a significant influence on the world of boating.

It is impossible to deny that a paradigm shift is currently taking place. The transition from internal combustion engines to motors powered entirely by electricity is now a reality. Some good changes on the horizon will take electric propulsion to the next level.


The phenomena of yachts being powered by electric motors is becoming an increasingly prevalent occurrence. In this regard, a poll was taken among the people in charge of marinas and the companies that make port infrastructure. The following questions were posed to them: how did they prepare for this phenomenon currently, and what do they expect to give in only the predicted marinas?

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