How Much Does A Speed Boat Cost?

7 Dec 2023

A speed boat, often known as a speedboat or powerboat, is a boat that is capable of rapid speeds thanks to its inboard or outboard power engine.

Its V-shaped hull and deck form are constantly aerodynamic, allowing it to enhance speed by lowering the wind resistance it encounters. Even the fiberglass utilized for the boat's hull is a light material, making it much simpler for the vessel to achieve fast speeds.

Nevertheless, the speedboat's general layout will differ depending on its intended use. There are over thirty distinct types of motorboats and various brands available today, each of which might impact the price of a speed boat.

Because there is such a wide variety of models to choose from, it should be easy for you to discover one that aligns with your preferences and financial constraints.

What Is A Speed Boat?

Most people associate motorboats, powerboats, and speedboats with one another. To a certain extent, this is correct.

The phrase "motorboat" refers to any watercraft propelled by an internal combustion engine, whereas "speed boat" or "powerboat" refers to a speed motorboat version.

It generally can hold up to eight people because it was designed for competitions and waterskiing.

How Much Does A Speed Boat Cost?

The total cost of a speed boat will vary depending on various factors. Let's have a peek.

1. Type and model:

The final speed boat pricing will be determined by the type you wish to purchase. The first thing you should consider is the engine type.

Outboard speed boats have an engine on the boat's outside that is submerged in water while sailing. On the other hand, it is installed inside the vessel hull as an inboard kind.

Because maintaining an outboard engine is more accessible, this sort of speed boat is always less expensive. Inboard machines are faster and more costly but easier to access and clean.

If you decide to buy a speed boat, you should be prepared to pay a hefty price because no new ones are available for less than $75,000. Modern ones with high water velocity cost at least $350,000, but prices vary greatly.

They will be determined by critical factors, such as the type, model, and brand you select, the speed the boat can develop, and the needed amenities. Be prepared to pay up to $4,000,000 for really cool models and recognized brands, and sometimes even more.

2. Brand:

Cigarette, Donzi, and Magnum are now the greatest offshore V-bottom brands that can be found on the market. The Cigarette is the first boat company to be established in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the best boat makers in the world.

In addition, you can find symbolic brands of the contemporary go-fast boat business, such as Fountain, Checkmate, and Baja Marine.

Remember that the construction of speed boats is a problematic sort of shipbuilding, and the level of competition is high. As a result, you shouldn't be shocked that many manufacturers have stopped producing these vessels and have refocused their efforts on creating safer variants that cater to a more consistent market.

3. Size, Design, And Style:

Regarding speed boats, a smaller size does not necessarily equate to a lower price. Because the significant function of these vessels is to be quick, compact, and capable of high performance, the cost of these vessels will be expensive.

Most fans believe selecting a specific speed boat design, style, and color is extremely important. Your preferences and the amount of money you have available to spend determine whether or not these features are included.

You simply need a fundamental version if you want to go fishing or on fishing excursions on a budget. This will allow you to save money.

Remember that even a pre-owned high-performance boat will run you around $30,000 to $40,000 more than a brand-new classic model.

Speed Boat Ownership Costs:

Remember that the price of a speed boat is not the only expense you will have, and you should consider all of the additional fees that come with having a vessel of this type.

1. Depreciation:

To begin, this particular style of boat has a rapid depreciation rate. To put it another way, the value of your speed boat will decrease by twenty percent within the first year after you purchase it. In the second year, it will lose 15% of its value, and in the third year, it will lose an additional 14%. Because of this, the value of most models will be completely erased within a decade, reducing the likelihood that you will be able to sell it.

2. Performing upkeep.

Cleaning a speed boat's strong motor can be difficult and time-consuming, which drives up the cost of maintaining a speed boat. In addition, replacing sophisticated parts might be difficult, which is especially the case with models that have an inboard engine.

3. Insurance:

Every speed boat owner must pay for insurance at their own expense. The issue is that it is consistently at a considerably higher level for this kind of boat compared to other available options.

The state where you reside is another factor that might affect the cost of your average-speed boat insurance policy. You should expect to pay at least $250 for it in low-price areas and $330 in medium-price states.

In general, the states in the South are more expensive than those in the North, even if the South has more coastline. On the other hand, if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Florida, the cost of your insurance will increase to $470 each year.

4. Storing:

The best choice you could make would be to keep your speed boat in a marina that is close by. In most cases, the membership will cost several thousand dollars annually. In addition, if you reside in an area where the weather is frequently chilly, you will need to ensure the safety of your watercraft by correctly wrapping it.

Typically, the expense of storing items outside will run you between $10 and $15 per foot (30.5 cm). On the other hand, the cost of keeping things indoors will be significantly higher, ranging from $50 to $200 for every foot or 30.5 centimeters. Last but not least, the pricing range for an in-water dock spot is from $1,000 to $5,000 every season.

Factors that influence the purchase price of a power boat

There is a huge price range for motor boats, just like there is for everything that sailors buy, including everything else in this category.

1. Manufacturer and model:

Motor and power boats from Bavaria and Regal, which release new models annually, are in high demand. Due to the steady supply of new models, prices vary significantly by brand and model. The buying price of a speedboat can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. A new Greenline speedboat can cost up to £700,000, while a used Nimbus speedboat can cost as little as £20,000.

2. Age and size of the motorboat:

Age and vessel size also affect power boat prices. New boats sell for more than used ones because age is the main element in their value. Thus, you must decide whether a new or used boat is more important.

Speed boat rental prices depend on age, condition, and length. Smaller boats like the Regal 33 Express are cheaper than larger ones like the Bavaria R55 Fly. The boat's deck size, number of cabins, living area, and other amenities might raise its price. Boat owners prefer these traits.

3. Location and demand:

Mooring fees, marina shortages, and currency exchange rates may make power boats more expensive in some countries. UK powerboat prices equal the global average, whereas southern France prices are higher.

Bavaria models are popular due to their adaptability, quality, and affordability. Reselling used models at a discount has a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the price difference between outboard and inboard boat motors significant?

Yes, there is frequently a significant price difference between outboard and inboard motors. Outboard motors are often less expensive. However, inboard motors integrated into the boat may be more costly due to their design and power.

Q2. Are there any other costs than the initial purchase of a boat motor?

Yes, in addition to the motor's purchase price, consider installation, maintenance, gasoline, and any required accessories. These continuing costs add to the overall cost of owning a boat motor.


Finally, estimating the cost of boat motors necessitates a careful examination of a variety of criteria. Buyers should consider horsepower, brand reputation, and technical features when considering outboard or inboard alternatives. Notably, potential owners should budget for other costs like installation and maintenance to ensure a thorough grasp of the investment in their maritime endeavors.

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