The Mast on this 260-foot Ice-Class Explorer Yacht Concept Rotates and Lowers on Demand

16 Dec 2021

Although Steve Kozloff's latest idea is a sailing boat, it bears little resemblance to the traditional sloops.

Elegante, a futuristic 260-footer with an ice-class steel hull similar to that of an adventure yacht, is built to survive the harshest circumstances. She's a "genuine world-class explorer sailing boat with all the elegance of any superyacht," according to the California-based designer.

Her rigging is also quite contemporary. According to Kozloff, the vessel uses an innovative Solid Sail system by French constructor Chantiers de L'Atlantique, which offers numerous benefits over a standard sailing rig.

First, the free-standing mast may be tilted forward 70 degrees, lowering the air draft from 237 to 134 feet. Elegante is able to fit under most bridges as a result of this. The mast can also swivel 360 degrees, allowing the skipper to turn the mast facing the wind and raise and drop the sails automatically as needed. In addition, the mast features integrated load-sensing technology that tells the skipper how much to drive the rig.

Elegante has a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system with twin engines that provide 4,000 horsepower and a peak speed of 12 knots. Meanwhile, the boat can purportedly travel at 12 knots when sailing under the 10,000-square-foot sail. She can go 4,600 nautical miles on fuel alone, but with the electric motors and sail power, she can travel far further.

Elegante has a 1,721-square-foot aircraft hangar that can hold up to two helicopters or three eVTOLs, just like any good explorer. She also features a large raised landing pad that aids in safe landings in bad weather, as well as two cranes for off-loading tenders, research equipment, and other items.

The four-interior decker's has a 1,500-square-foot owner's apartment with its own full-size pool in the bow, as well as two master bedrooms and four twin cabins. She has a total capacity of 14 passengers and 20 crew members.

A full-beam beach club with clamshell doors and retractable decks, as well as a lounge and spa aft of the bridge, are available at Elegante. To cap it off, the upper deck features a pool with a built-in bar and submerged bar chairs. Guests will have direct access to the bartender and will be able to order a drink here.

Check out more photos below:

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