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1 Apr 2020

We worked really hard for several weeks now to present you a new feature of our website: Best Anchorages. Currently the section holds over 50 best anchorages in Croatia, with whole reviews, exact geo locations, map of anchorage and its nearby area and full, 5 day weather report if you are planning a trip in the near future. We are planning to add even more anchorage of other countries such as: Italy, Greece, Spain, etc.

Each anchorage has fully described areas you can anchor your boat and weather reports for known wind directions (In case you anchor in one of this beautiful coves and need a guide for best spots that offer protection from the winds). Some anchorages are wild and some are under a concession of local companies. Find out what are the sea depths of coves you are sailing in and wheither you tie on a buoy or throw an anchor yourself.

Besides that, we haven't forgot on local tourism and sightseeing. Some of the coves where you can anchor have nicely developed cousine on the beaches, where you can go out on a dinner in the evening or you can just stay on a boat and have swimming afternoon. You can view our anchorages on address:

We've decided to close some sections of anchorages to public view (such as map locations and 5 day weather report). You can still view the full version if you join our PRO program and register to our website. It is completely free and it takes less than 10 seconds. We hope that you will enjoy the new feature and decide to go on a trip by reading one of our guides.

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