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Taršće (Sv. Klement)

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explore 43°9'40.0284''N 16°22'25.8708''E
waves Wind: Southerner

Taršće are one of the excellent anchorages on these islands. Maybe it's less known than Vinogradišće which is half a mile away. The cove is uninhabited, it's peaceful and quiet and highly recommend it. Vinogradišće is in the high season very crowded, this is why Taršće is an excellent choice.

The cove protects you from all winds, except from the south side when the sea gets wavy. The cove is long and wide and it ends with a little more protected part with a small beach. In the outer part on depths of 20 meters we can notice large yachts while other smaller boats anchor in northern and the most protected part.

A good option is to anchor and tie the boat to the end. This can be done on the eastern part where it's a little bit shallower. You can release the anchor on a sandy floor in depths of 10 - 15 meters. There leads a path to the cove Vinogradišće and Palmežana and on the other side towards Vlaka.

6 Day Weather Forecast for Taršće (Sv. Klement)

17.6 m/s
4.33 m/s
8.37 m/s
13.24 m/s
8.54 m/s
5.53 m/s

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