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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Port Bobovišća (Brač)

43°21'10.1088''N 16°27'35.982''E
waves Wind: Westerner

One of the Splits closest coves which indented itself almost a mile into the land and splits into two wings at the end. Inside of it we can find a little city with the same name. Its atmosphere didn't changed with time. Before it was a port of a larger city called Ložišća. Despite numerous houses being built, the town kept its home atmosphere. In Bobovišća you can also tie yourself on a riva if there is any place left. Otherwise, you can anchor on three places.

On two spots there are buoys under concession. Most usual we anchor in the northern wing named Vića luka or besides cape in front of it and you can also anchor at the entrance of Bobovišća. On both places there are anchored buoys. In Vića it is shallow, 3 to 5 meters, the bottom is muddy, partly overgrown with sea weed. At the entrance of Bobovišća the depths are between 8 to 12 meters. The coves are protected from all winds, even from strong maestral. Exception is only strong tramontana but that happens every two years. We can also find archeological findings in Vića.

There used to be a roman fish pond in its shallower part where we can also find the leftovers of a walls. There can also be found traces of a bronze age and greek colonization. For me the best place to anchor is a couple of hundred meters before the wings, besides the coast overgrown with pine trees. You can feel maestral a little more but the water is crystal clear, perfect for swimming. On this place there used to be buoys, but they are gone now. If you like this kind of pleasures, sit in your rubber boat and visit riva or eat something in the restaurant Vala.

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