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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Port Nečujam (Šolta)

43°23'17.97''N 16°19'13.7388''E
waves Wind: Bura

Deep cove a mile indented into the land offers good protection from all winds except from bura. Well, even then it's possible to find protection in coves Maslinica and Podkamenica. Its coves are one of the favorite anchorages of people of Split for centuries. In this port emperor Dioklecian had its fish farms, so his fisherman spent a lot of time in this cove. The custom has been continued by the tenants of 8 mile away capital. They followed by their example even others so it gets really crowded. It happened before that there was even 50 boats. Unfortunately from the time of Dioklecian many of that has changed.

There has been many construction going on in the last years and summer houses overflown Podkamenica and Maslenica only Piškera kept safe from it. For now, they haven't disturbed the staying and cleanliness of the sea. In port Nečujam the most anchoring happens in cove Maslinica with anchor and tying by the end from the southern side. The bottom is sandy and the anchor holds good. The depth in this area goes up to 6 meters. The Southern coast in its outer part is overgrown with pine trees.

You can anchor also in the outer part of Piškera and in front of the entrance of Maslinica on depths of 10 meters. It doesn't gets deeper in Piškera because of remains of fish farms. There is a possibility to anchor in Podkamenica but it crowded by boats which are there on permanent anchor. In front of the restaurant on western cape of cove Supetar are some buoys and you can tie on to them. Of course, bigger boats anchor in more opened part of port on depths of 20 and more meters. If bura starts blowing you can sail under peninsula that protects the port from the east.

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