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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Šešula (Šolta)

43°23'34.6956''N 16°12'38.1996''E
waves Wind: Westerner, Neverin

Šešula is just two miles away from Krknjaš. Not like them, it indented itself a half a mile into the land and it will offer good protection from most winds, except from west, especially when neverin strikes. If you are well anchored there is nothing to fear. If the winds get rough sail out and anchor yourself in the lee of island Balkun. A few years ago they placed buoys in Šešula which made anchoring a little bit easier and safer. If there is no place on buoys, you can anchor and tie the boat by its end, especially when you are in the indented part. The anchor will hold good because the bottom is a combination of sand and mud partly covered with sea grass.

The outer part of the cove is between 7 and 15 meters deep but the inner is shallower, usually boats anchor on 2 to 7 meters of depth. There are fish farms in the little wing in a outer part of southern beach. They are off limits by tourists.

In the beginning of the cove there are some houses and two restaurants Šešula and Šišmiš, but you will still have some peace for swimming. When you sail out there are 5 little islands where you can anchor. It's best to anchor in the passage between Polebrnjak and Saskinja.

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