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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Vinišće

43°29'11.4252''N 16°6'52.4232''E
waves Wind: Easterner

A little more than a mile into the land indented cove is a solid anchor. Even if the highway passes by there isn't crowded in the summer. Well, like in the most coves in the last decade, here were built numerous summer and rentable houses. If you anchor here you won't notice it so much from your boat. From the other side there are anchored some big fishing boats where is always something going on. And when they return from the sea, you can buy fresh fish from them.

On the northern beach there is a small marina. If you sail into Vinišće what concerns waves, you will be well protected except when eastern wind is blowing. But take into the account that bura is quite strong here and it's windy even under southern winds, but there are no big waves. Outer, more opened part of the cove is deeper from 20 to 27 meters so it's not appropriate to anchor there.

You can anchor in the last third of the cove where depths reach between 3 to 10 meters. The bottom is muddy and the anchor is holding well. In the usual summer times, when maestral is blowing you will feel quite safe on an anchor and can go swimming in the beautiful sea. There used to be around 15 buoys but there aren't there anymore. There is a few shops snd restaurants in the city.

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