Port Rogoznica

Geo Location
43°31'38.2188''N 15°57'56.2284''E

Spacious and more than 2 miles into the land indented cove, today known by big marina Frapa and some ties on the riva in the center of the city. Well, this big cove was very important port and anchorage from ancient times. It was an anchorage for greek and roman galleys and even Yugoslavian war ships. At the same time Rogoznica was an important fisherman port. The last 30 years significant part of the beach is under construction of summer houses. Either way, there still remain parts where we can anchor and enjoy some peace. First is on the buoys under peninsula Gradina which protects from western winds. This choice is not bad if we take away big traffic of yachts which are sailing into marina.

We will be well protected and we wont feel any rush. The bottom underneath the buoys is rocky and if they weren't there we would have hard time to anchor. Back in the days you could anchor on the other side of marina in the bottom of the cove Soline on depths of 3 - 9 meters, but that is not allowed anymore. Far better way is to anchor eastern from Kopara on a sandy bottom on depths of 10 - 15 meters, but be warned that you are exposed to bura. Another possibility is to anchor in front of the cove Šibenska luka and Stupin on depths of 5 - 10 meters.

Really big yachts will anchor in the middle of the cove between Gradina and Ražanj on depths even up to 40 meters. Wherever you will find your anchoring spot in this big cove you will have on disposal service marina, shops and restaurants. You will get there by rubber boat in no time.



Some Of The Popular Ones