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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Primošten

43°35'7.1088''N 15°55'29.856''E
waves Wind: Southerner

It happened a lot that I anchored in port under this vivid Dalmatian city located on a peninsula even it doesn't offer protection from the south and stronger maestral. I anchored there sailing down the coast from Šibenik to Split or vice versa for the time of the lunch, swimming or shopping in the city. 20 buoys on a Primošten riva is usually taken, so I would anchor nearby and throw an anchor, but I never stayed over the night. Because sea floor near the coast is gravelly and the anchor doesn't hold well. Everything has changed when they anchored 20 buoys in front of the beautiful beach. This type of anchoring is far more comfortable and even safer when strong winds are blowing.

If southerner and lebić starts to blow it is not safe but you can stay even in stronger maestral. If you need to stay comfortable there is big marine nearby where you will find some space. And for the ones that need to be a little alone there is always possibility to anchor in eastern part of the port (when maestral is not blowing). When you are anchored, you can spend the day swimming from the boat or on a big and beautiful beach until the sun goes down. You can also go with rubber boat to the land and walk to the city where we can find a few good restaurants.

There is a few good ones but if you want a little agrotourism you should visit Šarićevi dvori, 4 kilometers away from the city. The old part of Primošten is truly beautiful and reminds a little on Istranian houses on peninsulas. You can stretch your legs a little and visit the second Primošten peninsula where all the hotels are. There is a nice walk around it. When you return from the city on a boat, you will again feel like you are on some deserted anchorage.

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