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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Zlarin

43°41'55.6908''N 15°49'59.2644''E
waves Wind: Tramontana, Westerner

Zlarin is one of the few islands with no cars, the only transportation by bycicle. It's the only island town with the consistent architecture of trading, craftsman and fisherman houses in the bottom of the cove. It is the perfect shelter from southern winds, it's good in Bura too, but it is opened to tramontana and strong maestral. Most of the sailors tie their boats to huge, 140 meters long pier built in the age of Austro-ogrish monarchy. The most easy way to anchor is to do tie your boat on one of 15 buoys anchored under cape Marin. You will be bothered only by strong tramontana and maestral which passes when the sun goes down. You will have some peace there because this part of port is uninhabited.

You can anchor also on the eastern part of the port, you can find there a good protection from bura. From both anchorages you are quickly on Zlarin riva (with a rubber boat ofcourse). You can walk on the riva, go to church Gospa of Rašelj known after many paintings of Zlarin sailors, visit the museum which keeps little archeological and ethnological collection of the island in which is presented traditional coral processing.

It's worth to walk through island fields and climb on a 169 meters hill Klepac from where you can see whole Šibenik archipelago and further to Vis and Jabuka. If you get hungry there are four restaurants in the city but the traditional Dalmatian cookery is held in restaurant Koralj right beside riva. When you taste all of that in wish for some peace, sail to the eastern coast of the island, anchor in cove Lovišća or Magarna and stay at least for a day.

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