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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Vela and Mala Stupica (Žirje)

43°38'7.1988''N 15°41'16.9584''E
waves Wind: Southerner

This coves are poorly inhabited and they aren't very pretty, while we are sailing from Primošten, Rogoznica or north Dalmatia towards 15 miles away Kornati. If you are in late afternoon and in need of anchoring, there's a good reason to sail in, take a breath, swim a little and continue sailing the next day. If we are sailing from Kornati passing by Vis and Šolta there is a long way in front of us and we can stop in Stupica. Stupica is easy to recognize. If we are sailing from Kornati just before we sail around cape Grašnjak and into Vela Stupica, we can see on Kamena glavica remains of Justinian fortress from 6th century.

The remains of some other fortifications, remains of former Yugoslavian army are landmarks while we approach from north east from Primošten or Šibenik. From this side Mala Stupica is closer. Before the war, it was forbidden to sail in. Now it is used by sailors from Rogoznica and Kremik and maybe a firsherman who passes by. It is smaller from Vela, narrower and less indented into the land. It is well protected from all winds except from the southerner. Here you can anchor on depths from 5 to 20 meters, the bottom is sandy and the anchor holds good. There are 20 buoys to tie on and if we come on shore there is a little buffet owned by a concessioner. From the east the cove is protected by high cape Kabel. Those who want to be alone a while will anchor in front of it and enjoy swimming and scuba diving. There is a nice and sheltered anchorage from the other side of the island. There is a lot more traffic in Vela Stupica.

Its western wing is 10 meters deep and was always a good and safe anchorage. The bottom is sandy, in the bottom of the cove, under cape Grašnjak and on north beaches you can anchor on depths of 4 to 15 meters. The outer part of Vela Stupica is significantly deeper. Anchoring is easy because of the buoys and when they are taken, in maestral choose the south western part of the cove and when bura is blowing, anchor in front of two little wings from northern side. When strong southerner is blowing you will be rocked even on buoy. In the bottom of the cove there is a popular restaurant Šižgorić with a little riva in the front, where you can land with a rubber boat. Both coves are really beautiful to swim in.

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