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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Kaprije

43°41'16.3608''N 15°42'20.7756''E
waves Wind: Westerner

Kaprije is on main routes of sailors which from Kornati sail towards south and vice versa so the port has a lot of visitors. It's protected from bura and southerner and it's known as a good anchorage. Deep into the land indented cove is opened to the north west and it's good to watch for winds from this direction. They have 18 knots for sailors equipped with water and electricity, and they anchored 24 buoys. They are quite occupied that's why it's no rarity to find two boats on one buoy.

When it's crowded or you do not wish to pay for a tie, you can anchor on sandy bottom in front of half island which protects from the southern side. The anchor holds really good but don't get in the way of passengers boat when it's maneuvering. You will find yourself in real little island city and in company of numerous sailors. Between them and home world rules a really good vibration. The people that care of buoys do it with a smile on their face.

Here is unavoidable Kate Radovčić with her restaurant. Her black risotto owns a title of "the best black risotto of middle adriatic sea". All that happens in the city goes around fisherman club Gaun. Beside swimming and food it is worth walking through the island to the old part of the town, where official language is becoming Slovenian, because they own a great number of houses. You can walk to the cemetary, where you can see very nice arhitecture. If you care for a great view, you can climb to the 129 meters high hill on the island.

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