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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Cove Podkućina and Borovnjaci (Kakan)

43°41'47.0652''N 15°39'54.3888''E
waves Wind: Bura

There is a lot of beautiful places to throw an anchor around Šibenik islands but the one under Borovnjaci on uninhabited island of Kakan attracts people the most. Perhaps because of it reminds me of Krknjaši on Veli Drvenik where I anchored a lot of times, enjoyed swimming and good food by Ivica Špik Komunist. The two islands completely close the cove Podkućina on north eastern coast of the island forming big lagoon which (when the weather is good) completely transforms in a specter of green and blue colors.

The biggest depth is 26 meters but on the coast gets shallower and its good to anchor there. It's well protected in most of the winds but somehow i liked the most to anchor under Veliki Borovnjak. The bottom is sandy and covered with grass when we go deeper. In the passage of two Borovnjaks the depth is 6 to 8 meters and between Veliki Borovnjak and Kakan 4 meters which could scared you a little if you are passing by with a sailboat.

It's deep enough though. 15 years ago there were buoys in this anchorage and they removed them, but from year 2010 the cove is again under concession and has 50 anchored buoys.

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