Tratinska (Žirje)

Geo Location
43°39'51.5772''N 15°37'23.2176''E

This half a mile into the land indented cove on south western coast of Žirje is quite popular between sailors. You can find as many as 20 boats on an anchor. Better said tied on buoys (there are 25 of them), which offer safe staying under all winds. Because the cove is opened to the south, when it starts to blow hard, not even buoys will offer you a safe staying.

Then it's better to sail out and go to the shelter of Kaprija or Kakna. Not even 2 miles south of Tratinska there are great fishing areas around island of Kosmerk, Vrtlač and Babuljak. In the cove there is a restaurant Tratinska and little bit up the hill, 400 meters away from the beach we can find restaurant Julie.

A mile towards south west we can find one of the most beautiful adriatic light houses, Blitvenica and if you have the time, visit it or take a picture for your album.



Some Of The Popular Ones