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Tijašćica (Tijat)

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explore 43°42'58.896''N 15°46'14.3148''E
waves Wind: Southerner

Like all the coves near to the land and big marinas this one also changes its appearance through the day. By day Tijašćica is full of yachts and boats which sailed from marinas not far away Tribun, Vodice, Prvić and Zlarin and also Šibenik. It's crowded and cheerful, screams of children who are jumping in the water from the boats or those who swim around them. By night, without of consideration how many boats remain on anchor there is quiet and peacefulness because Tijašćica is not inhabited. You can find a summer tenant in some of the houses in the end of the cove, between them is a miniature restaurant.

The cove is protected from all winds except southerner, it expands almost a kilometer into the land and can take in many boats. In the entrance is deep enough, deeper than 20 meters, that's why you have to anchor closer to the side. The bottom is rocky on the sides and sandy further to the middle. When southern wind blows strong you will have a little bit of trouble finding the shelter.

Under its neighbor Zmajan, where you could find such a shelter in the coves Bok and Zaklošćica there is room for a boat or two. That's why it is smarter to sail to 2 miles and a half away Zlarin. In its big port there is room for sure. You must take into account that there is a big traffic and that a few times a day passenger boat sails in and you can't get in the way. If you decide to anchor in the southern winds you do that or tie yourself on one of the 15 buoys under cape Marin or on the sand under north eastern cape.

6 Day Weather Forecast for Tijašćica (Tijat)

17.33 m/s
5.36 m/s
5.42 m/s
10.25 m/s
6.5 m/s
3.84 m/s

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