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Best Anchorages in Croatia: Hrbošnjak

43°46'31.4328''N 15°39'40.1832''E
waves Wind: Bura

This uninhabited little cove and an island with the same name are very popular anchorages to all those who wish to swim a little before they sail into marine Jezera or wait Tisno bridge to open. It depends on the wind where you can anchor in the lee around the island protected by maestral and south winds until it gets too windy in the cove opposite of the island. Between south eastern punt of the cove and the island there is a wide and shallow sandy bottom on depths of 7 to 9 meters.

The cove opposite of overgrown with macchia island has two wings. In both, 20 meters from the shore there is a depth of 5 to 6 meters. The bottom is sandy, somewhere covered by sea weed and when it's sunny it's all colored in turquoise. There is a very beautiful anchorage around the island a little bit northern from Hrbošnjak besides Borovnik and Ljutac or north eastern beside Bisaga.

Between the islands can be felt strong current, changing direction which runs through channel between beach and island Murter. In Jezera, there is an oldest Croatian school of sailing, the popular Ana, so you will (while on anchor) see a lot of by passers. In the same port is the most important Croatian centre big game fisherman. Well they don't catch tunas around Hrbošnjak. You will see a lot of them sailing out in the season far away, from outer side of Kornati.

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