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Vodenjak (Iž)

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explore 44°0'57.978''N 15°8'59.7372''E
waves Wind: Southerner

Vodenjak. Yet another island cove perfect for swimming or enjoying peace in perfect protection of maestral and bura. In front of the cove there is an island covered with trees named Školjić. The island and ridge coating are perfect protection form the south until it gets really windy. When the southern wind is blowing, there is a dead sea effect in the cove. Steep beaches are covered with macchia. On the northern coast of the cove was built an old fisherman shop with a pear from piled stones in front of it. The bottom of the cove is sandy. On the entrance of the cove the depth is 10 meters.

You can anchor even on the southern side. Right in front of the island the depth is 15 meters and drops on 4 meters towards the end of the cove. The bottom is sandy. If you anchor under the Školjić tie yourself to the end. In front of the cove there are two additional islands.

Half a mile north east we can find island Temešnjak and a mile towards east island named Mrtovnjak on which there is a light house. A few years ago this anchorage fell under concession and now has 30 buoys and it became more visited every time. But it's still kept the name of a lonely cove. If you get up early in the morning you can try to catch some fish.

6 Day Weather Forecast for Vodenjak (Iž)

3.54 m/s
5.67 m/s
4.86 m/s
4.69 m/s
3.17 m/s
2.91 m/s

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