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Žinčena and Lanđin (Pašman)

43°54'41.1732''N 15°22'31.746''E
waves Wind: Southerner

Very beautiful and quiet cove on a south western shores of the island, about 3 miles from its south eastern end. Žinčena is less visited from nearby popular anchorages and could happen that there is room in it while the other are full. This cove with two wings is overgrown with dense macchia. Western part is uninhabited while there are a few houses and pouts in the northern area. Half island Zaglav, west from the cove is a good orientation mark for sailing in the cove and even better protection from western and north western winds.

The cove is well protected from bura but not from the south winds. The bottom is sandy and somewhere muddy and the anchor holds good. The cove is also very shallow. In the middle of western wing there is only 2.5 meters, and it's even shallower in the last 200 meters while there is only 5 meters in the middle of northern wing. In the outer part of the cove the depth is about 10 meters.

Landjin, the cove right next to the Žinčena is a little bit to the east. Half island overgrown with olive trees is dividing them. There are a lot of houses in the cove (mostly inhabited in the season) so it's not as peaceful as in Žinčena. In front of every house there is a pout. The cove is well protected from all winds, except from the south. The waves from the south are broken by islands like Košara and Žižanj about two miles before port and also Landjilić on the south of the cove. In the middle of south winds the most protected part is the western wing. While there are 32 buoys it's even safer there. In the middle of the cove the depth is between 9 and 10 meters while the depth 200 meters from the shore is about 4 meters. The bottom is sandy, solid even when anchored. The coasts are overgrown with macchia. There is a restaurant on the beach called Uvala Landjin.

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