Vrulje (Kornat)

Geo Location
43°48'37.6452''N 15°18'3.0996''E

To anchor in Vrulje means to come to Kornat metropolis, the only true settlement in archipelago. Between four rows of houses squeezed in eastern wing of the cove from summer to late autumn pulsates life. Everybody is here: poets, builders, national park employees, fishermen, ... It's nice to watch when in Friday afternoon boats are coming in full of settlers like they were on work on Murter. Packed with everything they need for a weekend on an island they start to unload boxes and their bags. On Vrulje you could always eat on more places. Here's Ante, one of the oldest restaurants and his competitors: Ive Lovrić Sontela and restaurant Robinzon. In Vrulje you can also find one of the two receptions of national park, a shop and a boat with food. Real civilization but one in which run two parallel lives. One of them still fish and work on a fields and this, ours, tourists with their boats. For us it's the most important that we find a good anchorage.

Vrulje are one of the biggest Kornat coves, whose eastern wing splits into two more wings, deeply indented into the land. In this wing there is also a settlement. Under cape Vruljski which protects the cove from the south it's best to anchor on a sandy bottom covered with sea weed or use one of the buoys. There's fifteen of them. If it happens that all of the buoys are taken, you can throw an anchor without fear because you are protected from all winds. The only wind that will bother you is maestral which disrupts the sea all the way to end of the cove.

When this happens, you should be careful. You can anchor as well in north western part of the cove Mala Vrulja where for the last few years stands a restaurant and a lounge bar with it's own riva, and in front of it, 15 anchored buoys. You will be well protected from maestral but not from southern winds. The depth in this cove is only 2.5 meters. If the weather is stable, you will enjoy in Vrulje.



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