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Luka Telašćica (Dugi otok)

43°55'5.4876''N 15°8'31.9884''E
waves Wind: Neverin

This is, beside Polača on Mljet, the most known anchorage on adriatic sea. The port is part of the park Telašćica, which was back in the days part of national park Kornati, but from year 1988 it's privately protected space. Well, for each sailor these two spaces are one whole. It's rare that someone sails here and doesn't pass by Kornati and Telašćica. Residence tax can be payed on two places. Telašćica is known for its salt lake Mir and steeps on a south beach of Dolgi otok which separates it from the open sea and also after unique cove.

Part of the island and surrounding islands also belong to the park even though we count them as Part of Kornati: Gornja Aba, Veli and Mali buć, Mala Aba, Sestrice and Katina. The whole nature park is full of vegetable and animal species. The red coral, which is rare, can be found if you are a scuba diver. The dolphins can be seen on a regular basis. At least three times while we were slowly approaching the anchor, I noticed a family of dolphins playing around our boat. To preserve this beauty forever there are special rules in the park regarding allowed zones and ways of anchoring. The management of park prefers anchoring on a buoys and is refurbishing them. In the cove Telašćica there is hundred of buoys in the coves Mir, Tripuljak, Kruševica and Kačinmul and anchoring is allowed also in Magrovica, Podugopolje, Pasjak, Jaz, Buhaj and Pod Katinom, on Katina. Tying on a buoy or anchoring is for free, but you will pay a tax for entering the park and it costs by length of the boat. Deep port, close to Kornati towards which is opened is indented four and a half miles into the land and the widest part is almost a mile wide.

In its inner part we can find five smaller and bigger coves. While you are sailing into port, you can notice protected and closed coves similar to lakes. If we sail from north west the anchorages start under Gornji and Donji školj in the coves: Magrovica, Podugopolje and Pasjak. When there are no buoys, you can anchor on a muddy bottom somewhere covered by sea weed. The depth reaches 5.5 meters and the biggest danger comes in summer because it's too shallow or an anchor doesn't holds good because of sea weed. There is a restaurant in Magrovica and if you want to go to Sali you can get to it on a three kilometer road across the hill. We can often notice boats in the cove Draginjevica, east from Gornji školj on a depths of 6 meters. On a north side there is a safe anchorage in coves Kruševica and Kačinmul between peninsula Roknić and Farfarikulac, where can happen that you will be completely alone. There is only a few houses on a beach. There is a good anchorage in a tight but in the land indented Čuška duboka which is a perfect shelter from all the winds except from the south. You can throw an anchor on a muddy bottom. Buoys are placed in the cove Skradišćak, right next to Mala Proversa. The most crowded is in Telašćica, in coves Mir and Tripuljak where are placed buoys all the way to cape Tripuljak. The cove is well protected from all winds and when you are tied to a boat, do what others do: take your rubber boat and head to the harbour, right in front of a restaurant to get something to eat. The harbour is full of tourist boats. After that you can take a walk to the salty lake Mir. It is nice to walk through the pine woods to the other side of the island to the 150 meters high cliffs which descend into the sea that reaches even 80 meters of depth.

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