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Sakarun (Dugi otok)

44°7'58.7244''N 14°52'25.914''E
waves Wind: Southerner

If you anchor in this cove, the only big enough on a south beach of Dugi otok, you came to one of the most beautiful adriatic beaches and you will swim in a sea in which colors overflow in thousands of turquoise shades. It's a unforgettable experience. The only thing that spoils it is because the cove and the beach lost its virginity that they had 15 years ago.

There are usually thirty or more boats, mostly during the day and also swimmers come with cars. At night most of the boats sail out and if you stayed on an anchor during the night you will experience seclusion. You anchor on a sandy bottom like in Polynesia or Caribbean islands. The only thing that is missing are palm trees on the beach. You can swim or take yourself on a beach and drink something in a bar. You can do that only when the south winds are down.

Sakarun is completely opened to the south which made that beautiful sandy beach. You anchor on a sand, on depth of 10 meters. Part of the cove is reserved for swimmers. From the year 2009 there were placed 20 buoys.

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