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Sv. Eufemija (Rab)

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explore 44°45'49.878''N 14°44'36.3408''E
waves Wind: Southerner

Do you wish to visit Rab by boat, but avoid the crowd of it's marina and riva and have enough peace, you can anchor in the cove Sveta Eufemija and enjoy the unique view on it's four belfries. If you feel like to walk on a riva or visit one of three famous Rab kalas or if you want to have dinner in one of the restaurants, nothing easier - board your rubber boat and you'll be under southern Rab walls in no time.

Cove Sv. Eufemija is significantly bigger than port Rab. It's indented more than a mile into the land. From the northern side of the cove there is Rab and its new settlement around cove Palit and the beach continuos all the way to Kampor. In the end of the cove there is a monastery of Sv. Eufemija from 13th century, one of the most beautiful Rab monuments, which guards rich monastery collection. In the monastery lived and worked painter Ambroz Testen so his work is part of the collection. From the southern side of the cove is protected by peninsula Frkanj.

The cove Sv. Eufemija is not safe in all weather. It's opened to the southern wind so it's best to anchor elsewhere. And bura, from which is better protected, creates waves and then it's better to anchor under north coast. In stable weather it's best to anchor somewhere in the middle where it's cove Palit on depths of few meters. The bottom is muddy, so the anchor will hold good.

6 Day Weather Forecast for Sv. Eufemija (Rab)

2.64 m/s
5.18 m/s
4.55 m/s
3.37 m/s
1.74 m/s
3.02 m/s

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