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Brguljski zaljev (Molat)

44°13'22.098''N 14°49'50.574''E
waves Wind: Southerner

This anchorage alone is enough to confirm the statement about the beauty of north-adriatic coves. It's located two miles deep in Brguljski zaljev, between islands of Brguljski and Brgumula, port Brgulja, settlement about less than kilometer away towards the inland. Island, covered with thick pine forest protects it, so it's many boats on the anchor here. By Molat there is always huge traffic of boats nevertheless there are some anchorages nearby. There's always shortage of room here. Whole southwest side of cove and a part of southeast are not inhabited so you can easy find a lonely spot for yourself, best under northeast coast. In the outer part it's opened to the south but it's well protected from bura and maestral.

This anchorage is under concession for over 10 years now so we can count up to 80 buoys between the islands and the coast. If you can't find the place on a buoys, sandy bottom on some parts covered with sea grass holds good but perhaps you can grab a chance and head to the bottom of the cove, named Luka and anchor there in company of significantly less boats. Wherever you anchor or tie yourself the main attraction will be relaxing and swimming.

This place was made for this. From the outer side of the harbor for local boats there is an extended pear and placed moorings. On a first look there isn't much in Brgulje. There are two restaurants: Janko and Papa where you can get fresh fish. If you need something on a boat there are two shops, one in the riva and one 10 minutes walk away in the village which is completely abandoned. All its residents moved to the houses along the coast where is now a little nautical centre.

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