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Luka Sv. Ante (Silba)

44°21'24.3288''N 14°42'7.8336''E
waves Wind: Westerner, Southerner

I never stayed over night in Sv. Ante, however sailing to Silba, I have stopped and anchored a few times and stayed there for a few hours to swim. To those who sail outer north-adriatic islands and to the Selba, this beautiful cove is a frequent destination. Zapadnija, Sv. Ante, and southern, Porat, together form port Sv. Ante, the best Silba shelter. West wing is well protected from maestral and tramontana but when you sail into it, you should watch out on two rocks and shallows in front of west cape.

Both of the coves are peaceful and good for swimming. Surrounded by black forest there is a chapel Sv. Ante on the west coast by which the cove got its name while there is a pretty sandy beach in Port. On punta of this wing there are remains of an old lighthouse. The cove is not inhabited, while there is a 20 minute walk to Silba. Through the whole cove there has been anchored 30 buoys. If there is no room on them, you can anchor on sandy or muddy bottom, partially covered by sea grass on depths from 5 - 15 meters.

The cove Sv. Ante and Porat are opened to infidels. If they are announcing and you are not tied to a buoy, you should be careful. In this situation it's better to sail out and anchor in Silbas port Mul if there is a room in it. Two miles north west of cove Sv. Ante there is cove Prapranica where you can find some buoys under concession.

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