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Luka Ilovik

44°27'48.8232''N 14°32'54.7872''E
waves Wind: Tramuntana

15 years ago a big stand of Croatian tourist agency on nautical fair in Düsseldorf had a huge, 10 meters long and 4 meters wide picture of 50 boats on anchor in a passage between two islands. The picture was taken from the air by Tješimir Marić, a man who probably makes the best adriatic panoramic pictures. Thousands of German sea enthusiasts stood before this picture without breath. This was, of course the picture of Ilovik, probably most popular north adriatic anchorage.

Where there were first anchored buoys in the beginning of nineties. Passage between island Ilovik and Sv. Peter was known anchorage on important sea routes in the age of Venezia. Sailors disappeared, trading fleet changed their routes to the open sea and a passage between two islands was left to sail boats and motor boats. Not without a reason. First and most important is this, that it's 200 meters wide, a mile long and 5.5 to 8.5 meters deep passage excellent for anchoring. The bottom is sandy, somewhere covered by sea grass and the most part of the passage is protected from all winds.

Strong south wind and tramontana are felt in the passage which will roll you out, and when you feel Bura, it's better to anchor under Sv. Peter than close to Ilovik. Stream can be strong as well, especially when wind changes direction fast. When it's against the wind it disturbs the sea. There is enough space in the passage, there are 60 buoys placed in the manner so other boats can pass trough. All the same, especially if you are anchored under Sv. Petar, you can enjoy morning waking on the anchor. Cities bakery boat will visit the boats in eight o'clock in the morning offering fresh bagel and bread. You will find fresh fish in four restaurants in the city. When there, I love to go to the restaurants: Dalmatinka Pjerine, Stojana Trkulja or in Amico Elze or Željka Stojšića. They are located right beside the sea and you can eat well. Concession for the anchorage has been taken by a new company which will expand the offer, organize transportation,... Ilovik is otherwise simpatico little island who has 60 permanent residents.

They have a school, grocery store, post office and a bakery, but special spirit comes from the sailors who are coming through the year to anchor there. They come to civilization by rubber boats and filling the riva, come to eat in one of the restaurants and it wouldn't be a surprise if you would meet a sailor friend. Sv. Petar is not inhabited, there is Iloviks graveyard and the ruins of benedikts monastery, today partly renovated to summer residence.

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