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45°3'0.7164''N 14°8'55.0032''E
waves Wind: Southerner

The last anchorage on eastern Istrian coast is the one in the cove Prklog, nearby settlement Sv. Marina. It dragged itself a whole mile into the land, it's poorly inhabited, there is only 20 houses in the middle of the cove. The coasts are overgrown with macchia and on the end there is a beautiful sandy beach used by swimmers from Raša and Labin. The beach is not well visited because the boats coming from Opatija usually sail towards Krk and Cres, this is why you will find peace and clean water.

We must note that the whole area between coves Labin and Rapc are declared as a landscape because of holm and pine which grows on this area. This part is very beautiful for walking or cycling but if you don't have a bicycle you will probably stay in the area of the cove. The cove is like made for swimming like the most part of east of Istria. It's a little bit plain and mystical at the same time and if you are scared of depths come closer to the beach.

The outer part of the cove is about 40 meters deep and you usually anchor when you are 400 meters from the coast. The bottom is muddy and holds good. I recommend it only if the weather is stable. The cove is opened to the south winds and even Bura is making vortexes and in this case it's better to leave the cove. Right north of the cove Prklog there is a port Rabac which belongs to the well known tourist town where anchor the local fisherman.

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