Porat - Biševo port (Biševo)

Geo Location
42°58'57.108''N 16°0'11.6748''E

If you want to eat good fish in Porat - Biševo, you will find it in restaurants on the western side of the island. The older one, Srećko, is practically on the beach and the second one, restaurant Jakša is a little more on it's own. Both of them are a little more exotic and very domestic. Because the cove is opened to the west it can get wavy when Maestral is blowing.

When the wind changes to Lebić it's better to sail out. If you wish to anchor through the night, it's better to check the weather prognosis. It's best to do it 100 meters before the beach on depths of 10 meters on a sandy bottom. In the season you will be in a company of at least 10 boats, but there is a place for everyone if they anchor good. The best is if you tie on one of 5 buoys placed by a restaurant owners. Porat is a settlement with 10 houses, occupied by it's owners and Slovenians, they're favorite guests. Until 2003 the island was covered with woods but it all burned down in a large fires.



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