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explore 45°4'12.4536''N 13°38'2.9544''E
waves Wind: Tramuntana

Do you want to be in Rovinj, most vividly Istrian town and the same time enjoy your time on a boat, in peace and be surrounded by dense forest? The solution is pretty simple. Just about hundred meters from port ACI to the south there is a cove named Lon. Protected by all sides except western winds it will serve as a peaceful anchor. It is not rare that even larger boats anchor here. They anchor towards Katarina so they can let smaller boats to anchor close to the beach on depths of 8 to 10 meters or in the middle of the cove on depths of 15 meters on a sandy bottom covered with grass.

You must only pay attention to the shallow Muntrav, remote, 400 meters away cape on the west. A few years ago port management anchored 20 buoys there. Because there are hotels on the beach, wise local tourist workers built it with attention to the surrounding nature. On the part of the beach in front of the hotel Monte Mulini, there is a beach called Mulini, sophisticated and modern beach. The port nearby and hotel Park was built from the ground up in 2018. If you anchored here, there is everything what Rovinj has to offer to you and that is allot.

From top restaurant Monte, which was the first in Croatia to get a Michellin star and Velog Jože, Santa Crocea or Orca to many others. Rovinj has a small but well stashed fish market that you can go to early in the morning. If you would like to have a view on the old part of the town, you can anchor on its north side, but that's something that bigger boats do.

6 Day Weather Forecast for Lon

1.5 m/s
3.6 m/s
3.25 m/s
2.76 m/s
3.39 m/s
0.64 m/s

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